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Oct 12, 1899: Fairfield Connecticut, population 4480 (up from 3,868 in 1892); near the booming city of Bridgeport population 70,900 (up from 48,866 in 1892). Electric lighting and other new inventions have become readily available in major cities, but are not yet available in Fairfield. Major buildings and city squares have smooth cement streets, but the majority of the city still has cobblestone. Oil lamps still light the streets in all but the poorer areas.

In Stamford and the majority of Fairfield, plumbing has become a standard convenience. However, in poorer areas, human waste is still manually disposed into a series of gutters that drain both North and South.

Public transportation is via horse-drawn cart, with only a few of the most wealthy owning cars.

Major news comes in the form of newspapers from Bridgeport, and are typically day old versions of the evening addition. Local news comes from the weekly Southport Times paper: a news press in the city of Southport, just a 15 minute carriage ride West of Fairfield, across the Southport Harbor bridge. Their first paper was published July 31, 1899.


Feast of Fish Epilogues
Barnum Epilogue
Sleepy Little Township Epilogues

Prologues – the events after the I’ll Tell You No Lies campaign in New York City, and leading up to this campaign.

The City of Fairfield

Fairfield Proper – General description of the city of Fairfield and its suburbs.
Fairfield District – Shops and other important places; new and improved from 1892 to 1899.
Stamford District – Shops and other important places
Portchester District – Shops and other important places

Common Local Knowledge – minor modifications, plus new stuff at the bottom

1. The majority of the population is Catholic. The traditional church is Our Lady of the Angels, but roughly 10 years ago a new progressive church, Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, gained in popularity. As a result, the older church lost many followers and began falling into disrepair. However, shortly after the tragedies of the 1892 Feast of Fish festival, the progressive church unexpectedly closed its doors and the Priests and Sisters disappeared from the city without notice.

2. The Feast of Fish Festival is celebrated every 7 years, beginning during the first week of November. This 7-year cyclical event is prompted by the massive increases in seafood catches at this time, and celebrated with music, activities, and practically free seafood. In truth, the festival was organized to consume the excessive amounts of fish in order to maintain prices at acceptable living-expense levels for the local fishermen.

3. Tourists flock to the city for this event since it happens on such a rare cycle. Retailers and Hospitality companies double their yearly income in a matter of only a few weeks due to the event’s popularity.

4. The festival is a two week event where seafood is practically free, but money is made on the sale of alcohol, vegetables, and lodging. There are also both free and paid entertainment. Essentially, the entire city is having a party 24 hours a day for two solid weeks.

5. Unfortunately, the Festival has been plagued by murders and mass hysteria for nearly three decades. On Oct 27, 1885, the suspected serial murderer Carl Sinster, dubbed “the Fairfield Slasher”, was captured and incarcerated at the Fairfield Asylum. However, prior to the next Festival in 1892, the murders resumed.

The murders stopped with the formation of several militia groups (organized by Mr. Douglas Lincaster and directed by Officer Angus McAbus) that hunted down and killed gargantuan flies. In the end, police officials gave speeches explaining that the lair of these “horrific beasts” had been destroyed, and giving Carl Sinster a full pardon.

As usual, a small portion of the population believes it was all a cover-up. Why would these horrible flies only show up during the festival, and then disappear again? And why was Sinster never seen in public after his escape? Some theorize that he had actually escaped much earlier and that the other inmates were released during Sinster’s new killing spree to deceive the public. As to why they created this story of gargantuan murderous flies and publicly pardoned Sinster, the conspiracy theorists say there can only by one explanation: the police have no clue as to Sinster’s whereabouts, meaning the Slasher remains at large.

6. Angus McAbis, Officer and Administrator of the The Portchester Johnny Ruines Memorial Police Station has not been seen since he left in early December last year (1898). He has not sent word to the police station, nor contacted any of his fellow police officers. He was last seen boarding the train to New York City with Douglas Lincaster, Annie Adler Lincaster, Elmer Mannerly, and a young Russian or Polish gentleman. While many are concerned and there is some rumor of “foul play”, Mrs. Lincaster and Mr. Mannerly have both stated that he is simply taking time off for some “much needed rest and recuperation”.

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